Jaroslaw Zielinsky

President of  the Polish Fish Producers Association (PFPA)

Professional executive manager, fisher and a seafood industry entrepreneur with over 18 years of practical experience and useful global business network. 

National expert, and representative of Polish fishing and seafood processing sector within the structures of the EU Common Fisheries Policy and the EU Common Market 

As the representative of the fishing sector, in cooperation with the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute (MIR-PIB) in Gdynia, initiating, and coordinating, implementation of scientific and fisheries data collection programs for snow crab in the Barents Sea, white fish in the North Atlantic Sea and pelagic fishery (West Africa, South-East Pacific, Greenland).  

For a cadence; member of the MIR-PIB Scientific Council.  

As the Project Manager- successfully managed the full process of designing, constructing and launching the operations of, the biggest in Poland, cold store (the port of Gdańsk) dedicated for a fishery products. 

Since year 2006 active member of the inter-branch fishery organization: Polish Fish Producers Association   

Since year 2021 president of the Board of the inter-branch fishery organization: Polish Fish Producers Association  

Since year 2022, chair of the Executive Committee of the Baltic Sea Advisory Council